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Berl Brechner
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How Will I Charge?

Since this is a new, and somewhat unknown, business, let’’s talk.  No charge.  We’’ll figure out what you want to do, and how I can help, and come to a conclusion on what’’s fair for both of us.  I understand the budgets of TV and cable operations, and particularly am sensitive to the re-structuring going on at traditional print newsrooms.  I’’ve been in the communications business, and know how hard you and your team work to bring in your revenue budgets and keep operations costs under control and yet advance the business.

My goal: to give you a better on-air or on-line product, providing special or unique views and services to your viewers, at a reasonable cost.  (And if you’’re now operating or chartering helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft for those overhead shots, let’’s see if we can wind that expense down).


NewsDrones, Berl Brechner, or NewsDrones advisors or agents will not operate UAS (drones), nor be responsible for the equipment or operations of clients it may work with.   We will only work with clients who agree to operate within then current rules and regulations, both federal and local, regarding drone use for newsgathering purposes. Berl Brechner is not an attorney and does not provide legal opinions or legal services.  All final operational decisions regarding equipment and its applications, and all operational activities, and any legal interpretations, will be solely the responsibility of the owner/operator of the drone equipment.