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Why do you need NewsDrones?

faalogoDealing with the details

How much time do you want to spend winding your way through the arcane Washington bureaucracies like the  FAA, NTIA and FCC to make sure you get this right, and meet all the proper criteria?

How much time do you want to spend finding credible sources for information, the right drone/camScreen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.14.11 AMera/data-delivery products, and other needs that may go into a suitable drone newsgathering operation?   How much time do you want your news personnel to spend figuring out how to get licensed to become an FAA-Certificated small UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) operator (when/if such rules go into place)? Are you reviewing state and local laws to see if they might affecScreen Shot 2015-05-09 at 12.19.56 AMt your use of a drone?  If you want to evaluate getting a 333 exemption, who do you turn to?

We have some of the answers now, and will work on getting more of the answers as the regulations and procedures evolve and get more firmly established.  We’re reaching out to suppliers for hardware, training, insurance, and other support that will be required.

Stay focused

NewsDrones isn’t the only place to go to for help.  There are other consultants, advisors and equipment suppliers who want to put your camera up in the air.   Questions you may want to ask:  Are they fast, efficient, and not bureaucratic and full of Washington-ese?   Are the systems, piloting skills,  or flight operations they recommend overly complex, and consequently, potentially more expensive?  Or perhaps too simple, and not fill your real needs?   Will they help you do it within your company, or are they primarily seeking to provide services under contract?   Are the only pilots they think should be operating a drone ones who have come from a military or government drone piloting career?  Do they truly understand the immediacy of the news business, and the news product creation as practiced at the local level?  Are they “big picture,” or more narrowly focused in their view of drone operations?

Enhancing news and information

As a media journalist or head of such an organization, you should know how important drones will become.  With  quality HD video, they will enable documentation of hazardous scenes that might not be safe for people; they will allow coverage of news event sites not otherwise accessible;  they will provide accurate reporting in a way that just hasn’t been available, unless your news organization has helicopters at the ready all the time.

NewsDrones will help you evaluate what’s best for your needs, offering education, information, guidance and resources not just to get a camera into the air, but to do it professionally, within the rules, safely, and as economically as possible.